About Us

Caroline Fitzpatrick

Caroline Fitzpatrick lives with her husband Tony and their 4 boys in Stratford on Avon. The four boys are the joy of her life and keep her on her toes.  The four boys are described by Caroline as:

Her ‘baby’ is William, an English Setter and the biggest Drama Queen in town.

Her ‘golden boy’ is Louis, a Golden Retriever and is always smiling and a permanently waggy tail

Her ‘comedian’ is Bo-Diddley another golden retriever

Her ‘absolute dream’ is Lincoln, a black Labrador. He never puts a paw wrong.

Apart from William, they are all rescues.  Caroline supports the Irish Retriever Rescue and regularly exchanges her birthday presents as donations to this charity.  Her view is that she mostly wants for nothing but there are so many pooches out there that desperately need of our help.


She is passionate about animal welfare and love all animals (but has a snake phobia). However “dogs”, “pooches”, “canine friends”, “best buddies”, “fur-babies”, what every you want to call them, is where her real passion lies.


Caroline has had a very diverse working life:

She has been a nanny in Spain, looking after 3 children.  Managed a famous hotel bar in Switzerland. She has managed celebrity VIPs at the annual TV awards and TV conferences in Edinburgh.  She was actively involved in the re-construction and interior design of various rental properties.  She has recently successfully organised celebrity parties and weddings in the Cotswolds and Warwickshire areas.  And is also a carer for her mother.


Her attention to detail has earned her some fabulous feedback on her event management and interior designs. She knows how to introduce the WOW factor

Suzie Pickthorne

​​Suzie Pickthorne has lived in the Warwickshire Area all her life and Stratford upon Avon has been the main hub of her work and leisure activities. She enjoys travel, which has included a road trip across the USA, touring New Zealand and visiting Malta on several occasions to visit her brother serving in the Navy. Following in her dad’s footsteps she has managed a pub in Stratford Town Centre. Her mother was a qualified nurse which probably encouraged Suzie to become a carer for a nursing company and gave her the instinct to protect people and their animals. She was a full time life guard keeping swimmers safe and had an unusual job tasting foods as part of a quality control system for a well-known frozen food company.


Her greatest joy has been bringing up her two daughters and it with great pride she describes their achievements on their journey to Brighton University. The eldest Tassamin is about to take her master’s degree in physiotherapy and Shona has started a degree in child education. Suzie is modest when comes to identifying where her children get their intelligence but she agrees they are continuing with the family tradition of caring for people.

For nearly two years she has tuned her love of dogs into professional employment by becoming a dog carer. Her clients describe her as trustworthy, kind, considerate and a great animal lover who always go that extra mile to keep their pets safe.


Suzie sadly said goodbye to her beloved Tai early in 2019.  He will always be ‘her boy’ and now plays happily over the rainbow bridge.



❝ Imagine under proper care and control how your dogs would enjoy your special day alongside your two legged wedding guests ❞